Band/artist: Brian Cottrill
Album Title: Through The Keyhole
Label: self
Release Date: May 17, 2019
Genre: Acoustic Singer Songwriter

Rocker Brian Cottrill decides to strip his songs down to their core for his solo debut album. He says, "I picked songs that span my life of writing, from when I was 17 to now. Most of these songs have never been released and three were just written." This is an acoustic songwriter album with just acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals.

Influences for the album:
I'm influenced by the actions and emotions of the people I see.
Musically- Ian Hunter, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp

Track Suggestions: (for radio)
Remember My Name

Brian Cottrill is a veteran of the West Virginia original music scene, as a founding member of The Grey Agents and Drain Babies. He has been the primary songwriter/vocalist/guitarist for The Grey Agents for the last five years. Cottrill comments, "The Grey Agents play new music that sounds very much like 1979 classic rock. The sound is dense and layered with guitars, keyboards and vocals. I wanted to strip my songs down to their bare core and leave them raw. I picked songs from my lifetime of writing, from being a 17 year old to new songs that didn't exist before this album started. I didn't give myself a lot of takes to make this record. If I couldn't get a good track after a few takes, I moved on to something else. I wanted the performance to sound fresh." The album has only acoustic guitar, vocals, and harmonica, with the only exception being the bonus track, "Gates Of Venus', in which Brian played everything including drums, bass, keyboards, and mandolin. The songs on the album include, "Erica" written about Cottrill's daughter, and "Sammie Lee" written about his parents. "I just write about what I see around me. That could be family, neighbors, people at a store, or something on the news," says Cottrill. The songs span 34 years of writing, with "Lace" being written by a teenage Cottrill. "I think it was the first song I wrote that didn't seem terrible to me," adds Cottrill. "I love being in a band and I always want to do that, but this has been liberating to work at my own fast pace." The Murder Farm is about the Harry Powers murders that occurred in 1931. The murder farm site is only about one mile from Cottrill's house. The album will be available on all major streaming and download platforms. CDs are available at

Band Line-Up: Brian Cottrill- guitar, vocals, harmonica, bass, drums, mandolin, keyboards.

Through The Keyhole CD Track Listing
1 Remember My Name
2 Erica
3 All I’ve Got Is You
4 Lace
5 The Murder Farm
6 Lost And Forgotten
7 When The Fire Comes
8 Uncertain Keyhole Jangle
9 Sammie Lee
10 Gates Of Venus [Bonus Track]


The track, "Erica" can be publicly shared though this link.

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