Brian's new album is available at all major streaming and download sites.  Physical CDs are available at Music Center in Bridgeport, WV; Assumption Records in Rivesville, WV and can be mail ordered at CDBaby. 

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Here are more reviews of Through The Keyhole: Gashouse Radio says, “he writes great choruses... The plainspoken poetry of the song will win you over... with a super musical arrangement that is driven by dynamics”

Indie Shark says, “[He has a] talent for writing memorable choruses... top shelf songwriting... abundance of lyrical gems is so great... something for everyone who loves honest, unadorned songwriting”

MobAngeles says, “flashes of playful wordplay, potent and unpredictable lyrical turns, and a chorus paying off big for listeners... his energetic and rhythmic guitar playing with harmonica on point... the vocals and lyrics illustrate one of the core strengths of Cottrill’s art.. The storytelling aspects... are especially strong.”

There are some new reviews of Through The Keyhole:

Independent Music And Arts Inc says, “Brian Cottrill has immense musical and songwriting talents, but he impresses most because he writes accessible material... Cottrill shows the singular talent for writing about adult themes without ever lapsing into melodrama or cliché... He writes vivid cinematic narratives for entire songs”

Indie Pulse Music says, “I love the level of specific lyric detail... Cottrill’s songwriting skills fully flower with this intense personal reflection on longstanding connections, complicated pasts, and what we can learn when we examine those things in a healthy way.”

Sounds Of South says, “Brian Cottrill combines good rock choruses with the lyrical depth of folk music.”