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Dream Trippers mech is at Britune - Etsy

Here's the new Dream Trippers' video... "Drive On A Sunny Day."  Starring Julius and Rachael Herrera; George Bezel's 57 Chevy; and Delores Mashuda's vintage Esso Station.   

The new Dream Trippers' video is "I'm Going To Memphis" from The Sound Of Sun EP.  

This is the music video for "Get On This Train" by Dream Trippers from The Sound Of Sun EP, recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Pictures of Dream Trippers from The Shindy Music Festival

This is "3 Kisses Tonight" from the new EP, The Sound Of Sun, recorded at Sun Studio in Memphis.  

This is the new Dream Trippers' video... Apple.

Dream Trippers live on WBOY TV. Lauren Winans interviews Dream Trippers and they play "Apple" on 304 Today.

This is the new video for "Fade To Black" by Dream Trippers.

Here is the new video for "What Were You Thinking " by Dream Trippers, starring Rachael & Julius Herrera.

This is the new video for "Open Your Mind" by Dream Trippers.

Here are some pictures from our CD Release Party at Music On Main in Bridgeport, WV, with Dream Trippers, Hannah Cottrill, Saints Of The Holler, and John Anderson Farmer.  

The debut self-titled album from Dream Trippers is out today.  Here's the new video for "Sleeping In A Dream"  

Dream Trippers' debut single, "The Original Atom" is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Dream Trippers will release their debut single, "The Original Atom" on Jan. 13, 2023.  Dream Trippers is a new band with Brian Cottrill & Bob Workman.   A new album will be released on Feb. 10, 2023.

Watch "So Alive" by Saints Of The Holler.
Here's the lyric video for "Change" by Saints Of The Holler.  
This is the new lyric video for "Better Than Living This Way" by Saints Of The Holler.
The new video for "Devil's Garden" by Saints Of The Holler.  This song is about opioid addiction.  
Our new band is Saints Of The Holler, featuring Amy Honce, Bob Workman, Davin Seamon, Terry Hotsinpiller, and Hannah Cottrill. We are excited that our debut EP will be released on August 31, 2022. Amy's voice and the band sound amazing!!!
This is the new lyric video for "Christmas Eve" by Drain Babies, from The Blind Charge album 20th anniversary reissue.  
Here's "Circus Of Love" from Drain Babies' The Blind Charge 20th anniversary reissue album.  
Here's a lyric video for "Make Babies" from Drain Babies' The Blind Charge 20th anniversary reissue album.  
"Anything She Wants" from Drain Babies' The Blind Charge album 29th anniversary reissue.  This new mix features a newly discovered vocal intro featuring Raj Chandran and Jay Ronayne.  
Drain Babies are releasing the 20th anniversary reissue of The Blind Charge album on May 20, 2022...  Featuring 16 songs remixed with some previously unheard elements.  
"All The Way Down" from the new Drain Babies 25th anniversary re-issue album.
This is the Drain Babies video for "Nothing Better to Do" from the new 25th anniversary album, Drain Babies.  
The Drain Babies 25th anniversary debut album re-issue is out now. This is the video for the first song, "This Time Around." Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and all streaming and download services. There are 10 extra live bonus tracks. Rock like it's 1997 again!!!
Evan Jones and Brian Cottrill are excited to announce that we are releasing a 25th anniversary re-issue of our debut album, Drain Babies, on Feb 11, 2022. It was originally released on CD and cassette. It has never been available to stream or download. In addition to the 11 original songs, there will be new bonus tracks with a live version of each song. Some were recorded from live radio shows (WRLF & U92) and a couple acoustic tracks were recorded live to two track in the studio. You can see us in the video with Larry Norman on drums, Brian on bass, and Evan on guitar.
Here's a new video for "Rag Doll Girl".  Written and recorded in the mid 1990's.  Released in 2021.
This is the new video for "In My Arms."  Written by Brian Cottrill and Jay Ronayne.  Featuring Kevin Costello on drums and harmony vocals and Brian on guitars, mandolin, bass, and vocals.  Recorded in the mid 1990's...
I recorded this song with Kevin Costello around 1994 or so. We had no way of releasing our own music back then. Here it is, only 27 years late!!! Lol. "Inside My Heart" Available on all streaming and download services.
We had a wonderful evening at The Cultural Foundation of Harrison County's event, Artist After Hours, with Katy Crim's beautiful paintings.  The Cottrill Family played some new and old songs together. 
Here a new video for "Don't Tell Me What To Do" from Megaphone Inside My Head.  Featuring David Zinn, Bob Workman, and Hannah Cottrill.  
Here's what people are saying about the new album:  

Medium calls the new album, “well-written, arranged and produced record”. They call the song Spin That Record, a “pure power pop song of colossal proportion” and say Teenage Kids is “an undeniably awesome track”. “This is musically and vocally a one hundred percent great power pop combo.

Mindy McCall at Indie Pulse Music says, “I would even have to rate it among the best music of 2020.” “a lockdown treat”!

Indie Shark calls my new album “a surprisingly excellent power pop and rock album” and “a slice of perfection”.

Mobangeles calls the album “ten magnificent songs”.

IMAAI says it's “one of the most rocking indie albums of the year” 
Megaphone Inside My Head was just released.  Here's the new video for Take It Or Leave It, featuring David Zinn and Bob Workman. 
Brian's new album is out now!  This is the video for Gonna Love You and Spin That Record.  The first two songs from Megaphone Inside My Head.  Available everywhere.
Brian Cottrill's new album, "Megaphone Inside My Head" will be released on December 4, 2020.  It will be available on all major streaming and download services.  Physical CDs will be available at, eBay and Assumption Records in Rivesville, WV.  The album features Bob Workman on drums and David Zinn on lead guitar.  Brian says, "I wanted to make a power pop record with loud guitars and synthesizers. I was thinking back to being a teenager and listening to Cheap Trick, The Cars, Billy Squier, Sweet, and The Who.  I wanted to get back to what made me fall in love with rock music as a teenager."  For more, see the EPK Bio page on this website.    
Here's the new video for "You Can't Stop Me" from the new album to be released on Dec 4, 2020.  Once again featuring the amazing David Zinn on lead guitar and the master of drums, Bob Workman.  Thanks to David Marra for filming this.  And thanks to Anita Cottrill for driving him. 
Here's the new video for "Teenage Kids" with David Zinn, Bob Workman, and Erica Cottrill.  Thanks to some of my musical heroes: Paul Page (Ian Hunter's Rant Band), Berton Averre (The Knack), Morgan Fisher (Mott The Hoople), and Ricky Byrd (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) for sending pictures!  Thanks to all the local WV rockers who sent pictures! 
Here's the new song and video, "Boyfriend", featuring some incredible acoustic and electronic drumming by Bob Workman and the always amazing David Zinn shredding lead guitar!
Watch our new single, "What's Her Name?".  Featuring Bob Workman on drums and Brooke Cottrill on harmony vocals,  This song is from a forthcoming album of eighties inspired power pop with synthesizers. 
Brian recorded "Take On Me" (a-ha cover) with his daughters, Brooke, Hannah, and Erica... The Cottrill Family!  This is their first recording since their 2015 Christmas album. 
Here's the new single and video starring Maizze Christie and Brett Tustin.  Thanks to Lindsey Keith and the Grafton Dairy Queen, home of the last original vintage Dairy Queen sign.  Featuring Bob Workman on drums,  This song is from a forthcoming album of eighties inspired power pop with synthesizers. 
Here's the first song from a new album that will be released in 2020.  With Bob Workman on drums, this will be an 80's sounding, power pop album with synthesizers.  This song was written after both of Brian's parents were diagnosed with cancer.  It also features Davin Seamon on strings and David Zinn on lead guitar.   
This video is from 1989.  With my fellow Biomed Techs... The BioRhythms. 
Here's a music video that was shot in the 80's and lost for about 34 years.  Just discovered. 
Brian's new album is available at all major streaming and download sites.  Physical CDs are available at Music Center in Bridgeport, WV; Assumption Records in Rivesville, WV and

Here are more reviews of Through The Keyhole: Gashouse Radio says, “he writes great choruses... The plainspoken poetry of the song will win you over... with a super musical arrangement that is driven by dynamics” Indie Shark says, “[He has a] talent for writing memorable choruses... top shelf songwriting... abundance of lyrical gems is so great... something for everyone who loves honest, unadorned songwriting” MobAngeles says, “flashes of playful wordplay, potent and unpredictable lyrical turns, and a chorus paying off big for listeners... his energetic and rhythmic guitar playing with harmonica on point... the vocals and lyrics illustrate one of the core strengths of Cottrill’s art.. The storytelling aspects... are especially strong.”

There are some new reviews of Through The Keyhole: Independent Music And Arts Inc says, “Brian Cottrill has immense musical and songwriting talents, but he impresses most because he writes accessible material... Cottrill shows the singular talent for writing about adult themes without ever lapsing into melodrama or cliché... He writes vivid cinematic narratives for entire songs” Indie Pulse Music says, “I love the level of specific lyric detail... Cottrill’s songwriting skills fully flower with this intense personal reflection on longstanding connections, complicated pasts, and what we can learn when we examine those things in a healthy way.” Sounds Of South says, “Brian Cottrill combines good rock choruses with the lyrical depth of folk music.”